What Is The NDIS and NDIS Commission?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was implemented to support Australians who have a significant and permanent intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, or psychosocial disability.

Under this program, individuals, families, and their support workers get the vital support they need.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) is an independent agency established to improve the standards of quality and safety, of services and support that is delivered by NDIS registered providers.

These NDIS Practice Standards consist of a core module, and several supplementary modules, in accordance with the service an NDIS registered provider delivers.


How To Become An NDIS Registered Provider

To become an NDIS Registered Provider, organisations are required to undertake a Verification or Certification audit, measured against the NDIS Practice Standards.

Verification is required for providers who are sole traders or partnerships, which deliver lower risk and lower complexity support and services only.

Certification is necessary for all other business types and for higher, more complex services and support.

While not all providers need to register to provide services fully funded by the NDIS, registration is beneficial to clients and providers themselves.

For NDIS participants, they can be fully assured the provider’s services and support meet the correct level of quality and safety. For providers, when registered, they can claim invoices directly from NDIS.


How Does ADER Consulting Help NDIS Registered Providers?

At ADER Consulting, we support NDIS providers seeking to comply with the NDIS Practice Standards by becoming an NDIS Registered Provider.

Our experienced NDIS consultants have a vast knowledge of the NDIS Provider Registration process. We specialise in sole traders and partnerships wanting to go through a Verification audit.

We make you compliant ready by analysing any gaps in your business against the NDIS standards and either create new Quality Management Systems for your business or adjust your current systems to be compliant.

Once our professional consultants have helped your business implement the correct systems, you will be able to arrange a Verification Audit. Once registered, an assessment will be conducted every three years prior to the registration expiring, usually completed off-site as a desktop audit.

Place your valuable time and resources back into your business and clients, and let ADER Consulting assist you through the Verification process. We can help your business become an approved NDIS registered provider promptly and at the most affordable price.

Let us help you get certification ready

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